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  • CJ-UV4560D 3 Pcs DX10 Heads A2 UV Printer For Phone Case
    CJ New Product A2 UV Printer With 3 Pcs DX10/DX7 Heads For Phone Case PrintingCJ-UV4560COD UV flatbed printerA2 uv printer combines infrared, laser positioning, water-cooling, air-cooling to meet long-term continuous work requirement. adopts stable platform technology and advanced servo motor , Can print any kind medias, no matter flat or rotary, soft or hard.                                        Model NumberCJ-UV4560D A2+ size phone case bottle mug pen glass mobile cover uv printerprint head3 PCS EP DX10 (EPSON tx800) print headsprint size45*60cm/17.5*23.6 inches, 20 cm print heightink colorCMYK, White, Varnish colors UV LED curing inkPrint resolution720dpi, 1440dpi, 2160dpi, 2880dpiMedia typephone case, pen, braille, wood, glass, acrylic, mug/bottle, sign, leather, PVC, metal, MDFComputer systemWindow XP/ Windows 7/ Window 10EnviromentTemperature: 18-45 ℃ humidity: 40_70 %RIP softwareMaintop/PhotoprintImage formatTIFF, JPEG/EPS/PDFWith 3 pcs dx10 print heads can print Cyan,magenta,yellow,black, white,varnish inks together(one pass printing). print out 3D embossed and glossy effect. 18 channels(CMYKCM,6 White,6 varnish) customize channel can get a high density brilliant printing results both on dark and light mediaAutomatic cleaning & keep cleaning system.Aluminum Made Capping Station High Accuracy & Aluminum made capping station system. Save maintenance cleaning nozzle to prevent nozzle clogging, not waste ink, automatic extraction waste inks, peristaltic suction pad,effective prevention of obstruction.vacuum adsorption platfrom 45*60cm/17.5*23.6 inches printing Super platfrom size & 20cm max printing height ensure you can print on any media with max . and vacuum adsorption platfrom with ruler mark. will suck the medias during printing which can allow to print on the flexible media also.Y Axis screw ensure the repeated printing without dislocation, only print the position of the print, long lifetime, never broken,better than belt driverLed panel with touch screen for convenient operation.We add Technological sense for CJ A2+ size  phone case bottle mug pen glass mobile cover uv printer. can control the flatbed for Backward, Foward, Up, Down, Pause/Stop,Online/Offline and cleaning, to let you operate the machine more convinence.Large capacity ink cartridge, 500mlEach cartridge is equipped with ink-deficient alarm system to ensure continuous ink supply, also have ink circulation system.  A2+ size  phone case bottle mug pen glass mobile cover uv printerWater-cooled circulation & air-cooled fan system for uv lampThe water-cooled circulation system Two air-cooled fans ensures the LED lamp maintains a constant temperature, extending the LED lamp to 50,000 hours, while avoiding high temperature hurtApplicationsOur CompanyPacking & DeliveryPacking size: 110*110*85 cmPacking weight:130kg
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